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Xbox goes big with E3 with Starfield, an Exclusive to Xbox and PC

launches November 11, 2022.

Microsoft opened E3 2021 with its exclusive debut of Starfield developed by Bethesda Game Studios, that will launch for Xbox Series and PC on November 11, 2022. It will also be available via Xbox Game Pass.

Here are some details,

Starfield is the first new universe in 25 years from Bethesda Game Studios, the award-winning creators of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4. In this next generation role-playing game set amongst the stars, create any character you want and explore with unparalleled freedom as you embark on an epic journey to answer humanity’s greatest mystery.

Watch the debut trailer below,

What do you think? E3 2021 is not going on good but Microsoft Xbox digital stream is best from the others. What was your best announcement? Leave your comments below.

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