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Global gamers may now pre-register for Tower of God: Great Journey

The Tower of God now opens up to the rest of the world

Tower of God

Gamers around the world can now pre-register for Tower of God: Great Journey, the highly anticipated mobile version of the hugely popular Tower of God anime series. The Tower of God anime plot, which is based on the corresponding webtoon, is retold in this role-playing game created by NGELGAMES.
Since Tower of God: Great Journey’s announcement, we have only received fragments of information, primarily via the official Twitter account. The Western/global version of the game, which was likewise quite quiet in terms of updates for a while, is now at least allowing pre-registrations.

If you’re not familiar, it is a fantasy adventure anime/webtoon with a huge cast of superbly developed characters and an incredibly attractive and distinctive graphic style. Our main character in the novel is on a mission to ascend the Tower of God, and while he does so, he runs across a number of obstacles, people, and conflicts.

Of course, that is just a basic summary. As you find the answers to the questions you unavoidably have, such as what is this Tower of God, the story extends far deeper than that. Who created it? Why must the main character and numerous supporting characters climb it? Over the course of the story, which this game will recount as you play, all of these solutions plus a whole lot more are gradually revealed.

According to the above-featured trailer, the battle appears to unfold in a largely idle manner, with your party facing off against a bunch of enemies by themselves. As the battle goes on, their talents and ultimate attacks will progress, and it is your responsibility to manage them.

So, whether you’re a fan of the anime or the webtoon or just want to try a good RPG, keep an eye on this one. You can pre-register for Tower of God: Great Journey at either of the links if you want to get a head start! Android/ iOS.

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