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Exciting Global Game Jam 2023 has begun

LetiArt’s Jam site is the only site in Ghana currently

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is a yearly event where game developers, designers, and enthusiasts come together to create video games within 48 hours. This event takes place simultaneously in various locations around the world and is designed to promote collaboration, creativity, and experimentation in game development. Participants form teams or work individually to create original games based on a theme that is announced at the start of the event.

GGJ provides a platform for individuals to showcase their talents and network with others in the industry. It also offers a unique opportunity for aspiring game developers to receive mentorship from experienced game developers and learn new skills. The event brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing a melting pot of creativity and inspiration.

The games that are created during GGJ are diverse and showcase the incredible creativity and talent of the participants. From fast-paced action games to thought-provoking puzzles, GGJ has something for everyone. The event is open to individuals of all ages and skill levels, making it a fantastic opportunity for individuals to explore their passion for game development.

This year, Letiarts is hosting a jam site at its studio. This would make it the only jam site in Ghana for 2023. Whilst there is an avenue for online participants, The main focus will be offline at the studio. Letiart hopes to seize the opportunity to collaborate with creatives to produce wonderful games and use this venture to scout out developers who want to have careers in game development.

They have made arrangements for food and drinks for the attendees. They also want to use this opportunity to strengthen the gaming community and push for the stabilization of the Ghana Video Game Industry.

In conclusion, the Global Game Jam is a fantastic event that promotes collaboration, creativity, and experimentation in game development. It provides a platform for individuals to showcase their talents, network with others in the industry, and learn new skills. If you’re interested in game development or just looking for a fun and unique experience, GGJ is a must-attend event. You can reach out to attend the event.

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