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Xbox Fraternity Ghana : “Black Friday” early sale list is out and its looking “affordable” for the average Ghanaian console gamer.

The words “SALE” and “BLACK FRIDAY”  are very pleasant words to the everyday gamer be it a simple enthusiast, a casual or a die hard grinder.
With that said these words are significantly doubled in appeal to your everyday Ghanaian Gamer. Because lets just face it, after the hefty somewhat reasonable internet payments and gaming accessories bills, (plus utility and life, that’s if you’re of age and or independent) the average Ghanaian Gamer doesn’t have much options left to properly indulge in Game choices that have a starting price from about GHC 299.00 (without tax). Get this, these are just the Standard Edition releases of some titles. For “deluxe” or “gold” or “complete” editions there is a buff in prices that can vary anywhere around GHC 433.00, being higher or in rare cases lower. Plus lets not get started on the seasonal passes and extension packs that come with most of these game titles.
So then realistically the everyday average Ghanaian Gamer is forced to compromise and may or may not be able to acquire his/her ideal select game titles simply because “price”, you see this dark tunnel is what normally forces some  ( *cough *PC * )   Gamers to mostly pirate offline game titles.
OK so where’s the good news you ask? Where’s the silver lining? Well its literally in the title, (sorry non xbox console gamers) this week through next-week the Xbox store has put out select deals on a wide variety of gaming titles suited for every genre of gamer.
With up to 65% cuts on prices the early XBOX BLACK FRIDAY SALES are even made better with an active Gold subscription, its literally a crime to not take advantage of this!
Now what you’re going to want to do is go online, that is: (its basically the first thing you’ll see) or open up the store app from your console and DIVE IN !
PRO TIP : Carefully go through the entire list before hastily buying or you may miss out on a sweeter deal for a game you really want.

WELL WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!



Its not just good, its GOOD!

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