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Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown coming for PS4 announced by Sega.

out on June 1.

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown for PlayStation 4 Sega announced . It will launch digitally worldwide on June 1.

The game, “remade for a new generation,” features the same fundamental gameplay and combat as previous entries, but with rebuilt graphics using Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s Dragon Engine, as well as new background music for every stage, a new user interface, a new opening cinematic, and new lighting and shaders.

Here is an overview of the game, by Sega:


Widely celebrated by classic fighting game fans for its strategic 3D gameplay, intuitive mechanics, intricate balance, and intense martial arts combat, Virtua Fighter 5 has received popular updates throughout its history, most recently with the console re-release in 2012. Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown re-envisions the visceral experience of the original with gorgeous HD graphics, new online features, and all the bone-crunching, martial arts combat of its renowned predecessor.

Key Features

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown includes a wealth of new and classic features:

  • Remade for a New Generation – Play classic Virtua Fighter 5 in glorious HD with updated character models, stages, cinematics, and background music.
  • Crush the Competition – Create private rooms for up to 16 players and take on all challengers in round-robin style League Matches, Tournament Matches, and other new online match types. Spectate in real-time and communicate live with stamps as the battle heats up!
  • Custom Combatants – Enter the ring with one of 19 playable characters. Master each of their unique fighting styles across a variety of solo and online modes.
  • The Full Experience – Experience the pinnacle of Virtua Fighter 5 combat in classic modes like “Rank Match,” “Arcade,” “Training,” and “Offline Versus” as you battle to become the next World Fighting Tournament legend!

Fan Fact: The Game is free on PSplus and Playstation Now service. Looking great for a late PS4 game. As always stay safe.

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