Valorant Controller Officially confirmed to be From Ghana.

As we all may know valorant is a highly popular online shooter, which has amassed a great deal of traction since its release in June of 2020, averaging about 77k concurrent viewers.

Recently the news of a 15th new character said to be joining its diverse roster with the launch of Episode 2 Act 2 on 2 march 2021, was circulating the internet, until it was confirmed by riot games. Since then gameplay reveal trailer was uploaded by riot showcasing the character Astra and her abilities.


Astra was confirmed to being a controller type radiant originating from Ghana (as stated in the trailer). She is the newest recruit to the valorant protocol that is tasked to protect a rare element known as radiant, which can be used as a source of near-limitless energy, from a shady organization called The Kingdom Cooperation who want it for nefarious reasons.

This element is responsible for creating the superhumans that make up the world of valorant and are known as radiants. Radiants aren’t the only agents that are allowed to join the valorent protocol, some agents just use radianite weapons or tech to get the job done.


Astra’s kit mostly revolves around placing Stars around the map. Stars are small throwable projectiles, which Astra can use to create different effects. To place a Star, Astra has to shift into her Astral Form, with which she can place them anywhere on the map.

Once a Star is down, Astra can activate it with her other abilities to give it certain effects. One effect makes a concussive blast in a small area around the star, leaving enemies dazed after it explodes. Another creates a small smoke cloud, sort of like a remote-activated smoke grenade. Another of her abilities, Gravity Well, briefly pulls in nearby players before exploding and giving them a debuff that causes them to take more damage. Astra can also pick up her Stars with an ability called Dissipate. When picked up, the stars briefly form a fake smoke cloud, which Astra can use to trick her enemies.

Finally, Astra’s Ultimate ability allows her to put up a massive wall anywhere on the map, cutting the entire thing in two with a barrier separating one part from the other. Players can move through the wall, but bullets can’t, and audio is heavily damped from one side to the other.


In this Astra can drop a star in a in a desired location and when activated draws nearby players to the center of the star to make it easier to get a better aim.


This ability is able to concuss any player within its range after a short charging period


In short its a smoke that is used to obstruct enemy view when activated


This is not exactly an ability but it is used to recall stars after placement, which causes a temporary Nebula.


This is an ultimate ability which allows u to enter astral form where your primary abilities are used and when Cosmic Divide is charged, use Secondary Fire in Astral Form to begin aiming it, then Primary Fire to select two locations. An Infinity Cosmic Divide connects the two points you select. Cosmic Divide blocks bullets and heavily dampens audio.


In the recent gameplay trailer Astra was shown to have a very thick African accent and it shows once u listen to her voicelines in game. At the beginning of the trailer Astra proceeds to say something that can be believed to be her catchphrase ” you can tell a lot about a persons character by their first action”.

She also has multiple voice lines that proudly show her Ghanaian roots as well as slang commonly used by Ghanaians.

Our Ghanaian readers can relate with her accent and the local phrases.

We are aware a lot of you are curious to meet the riot team behind this amazing character … The Character Producer at Valorant said:

From there it was also about making sure there was enough of a real-world grounded element to her personality and character design. To make sure those grounded elements were represented properly we worked with a consultant from Ghana on the details.”.

We will get more info about this controller coming up and some exciting news on the amazing local team that helped create this character stay tuned for more.

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