Tick was released in the huge Brawl Stars Summer 2019 Update! Tick is free to unlock for all players who have at least 4000 trophies on the Trophy Road.

tick brawl stars

Tick’s Basic Information

Basic Information
 Type: Ranged Brawler/Thrower Bullets per attack: 3
 Attack Range: 8.67 tiles Speed: 2.4 tiles per second
 Attack Reload: 2.2s Role: Map Control; Splash Damage
 Attack Radius: 4 tiles Rarity: Common Brawler

Star Power: Well OiledWhen Tick takes no damage and doesn’t attack, he starts recovering health 2.0 seconds faster than normal.

Level Stats


Attack icon

Primary Attack: Minimines

Tick lobs a cluster of mines that separate before landing. The mines explode on contact with a target, or after a few seconds.

Super icon

Super Ability: Headfirst

Tick detaches and launches his head. After landing, the head hops toward the nearest target and explodes on contact!.

Tips for Using Tick

  • The enemies can see your mines. They are not invisible.
  • At the moment, Tick has the lowest HP in Brawl Stars. He is the only Brawler that can be one-shot-ed by another Brawler using regular attack (Darryl). Though, he has the best attack range in Brawl Stars right now. Thus, attack the enemies from a long distance. Attacking the enemies behind the walls is very easy when using Tick.
  • The Star Power Well Oiled allows Tick to start recovering his health 1 second right after taking damage or doing attack. This boosts Tick’s survivability by a lot.
  • Tick is a great map controller. His mines can easily obstruct the enemies and can deal up an insane amount of damage (2688) if the enemies step on them all. If they step on all 9 mines, it would be 8064 damage in total.
  • Tick’s Head (Super) does splash damage. It can destroy walls and grass.
  • It is pretty easy to destroy Tick’s Head. Thus, use it on the enemies who are low on HP to force them to attack the head, stopping them from recovering HP. You should also use the Super on the enemy who doesn’t have any more ammo available, or on the one who is very close to you.
  • He is very vulnerable in maps that have large bush areas like Cavern Churn or Snake Prairie. Shotgunners like El Primo, Shelly or Bull can come out anytime and take Tick out in seconds. However, Tick still has an advantage in these maps as he can use the Super without getting noticed.
  • If a Brawler jumps over Tick’s Super (For example El Primo, Piper, Crow etc) when it blasts, they will not take any damage.
  • In Gem Grab, Siege or any game mode that spawns items, Tick is excellent at preventing the enemies from picking up the items by controlling the spawning arena with his mines.
  • The enemies can actually bypass Tick’s mines by going through the space between the mines. Place your mines close to each other (using 2 or more attacks) to force the enemies to go through them in the bottleneck area.
  • Tick’s Super can be used to detect the enemies hiding in the bushes as it targets the nearest enemy (Just like Nita‘s Bear or Tara‘s Shadow.

Advanced Guide to Using Tick

Shared by Sigma-Wolf

General Tips

The strongest advantage Tick has is the incredibly long throw range he has. It’s also huge enough to chip down the enemies Brawlers as well as group them. His Super is also very incredible, giving him enough burst damage to take out a lot of enemies.

During the early of the game, play defensively, utilizing his long attack range to deal chip damage and slowly build up your Super.

Once the Super is charged, you can now start playing aggressively. Use the mines to group the enemies and then use your Head to finish them off.

The Head is incredible on both offence and defence. When you try to take out the enemies using the head, wait till their HP goes low enough to get an instant kill. If it’s possible, count your enemies shots and make sure they are on low ammo when you make the shot. You should also use your mines immediately to block them from getting away.

On defence, I love using the head as a defensive shield. When you are low on HP and there is a lethal shot coming towards, quickly drop the head right in front of you to block the shot. You will survive and will be able to make some attacks towards the enemies.

Tick’s Head is also excellent at catching the enemy Gene’s Super. How satisfying it is!

Last but not least, the knockback effect of the head can be also used for spacing out the short-range enemies brawlers trying to attack you and for cancelling some Supers like Brock’s or Frank’s.

Since Tick has very low HP, he is extremely vulnerable. High burst-damage ranged enemies like Brock/Piper are pretty dangerous since they can do 1-2 shots on you quickly in the open-field. Fast-pace Brawlers like Leon or Mortis are also very dangerous because they can quickly get out of the mine zone while getting closer to you to get the kill.

Game Modes


Using auto-aim on boxes is the easiest way to break them with Tick. It automatically targets the centre of the box and all 3 mines will hit. Do not forget on keeping the enemies away from you. Checking those bushes is the key.

Your head is incredibly strong when you have enough power cubes. There will be a time when you only need to throw your head randomly and wait for kills.

In Duo Showdown Matches, Brawlers, who have the ability to keep the opponents at range such as Crow or Poco, work very well with Tick. You can also use powerful Brawlers, such as Bull or Darryl, to rush in and take the power cubes when Tick harassing the enemies from a distance.

Gem Grab

Using Tick in Gem Grab is pretty similar to the way you use Barley here.

Use your mines to prevent the enemies from taking mines while getting good value with your Super.

Brawl Ball

On offence, help the ball carrier of your team by creating the space between him/her and the goal. This prevents the enemies from approaching/defending your teammate.

When an enemy is standing next to their back wall, use your Super on him/her. The Super will create a big hole in the wall.

On defence, do the same thing to prevent the enemy ball carrier from approaching your goal. Save your Super so that you can use your Super to strip the ball from the enemy ball carrier.


On offence, throwing mines on the enemy vault provides solid damage while preventing the enemies from coming towards you

On defence, make the most of your long attack range and the super aggressive Super.


Start the game defensively, use the long-range you have to build up your Super.

Once your Super has been charged, start playing aggressively. Try to corner an enemy using your mines and then finish off using your head.

Remember, getting kills is important but the most important thing is that you need to save your kills by not getting killed. Do not push too far when you don’t have any ally nearby. Don’t hesitate to use the Super defensively.


In Siege, Tick is strongest at keeping the enemies away from the bolts.

When pushing, use the mines to push the enemies back while getting kills using the Super.

Defending against the Siege bot, use your mines the keep them away from your Ike. Doing this reduces the DPS towards your Ike by a lot, especially when the opposing team has Brock, Ricochet, Dynamike or other strong offensive Brawlers. Damaging the bot using mines is not really worth it.

Tick Vs. Tick Matchup

Since Tick is still very new in Brawl Stars, you will probably see the other Ticks in any game mode.

Vs the enemy Tick, do your best to send your mines at the max range while dodging the opponent’s mines. This is the best way to win the game vs other Ticks because usually, the one who gets Super first will win the fight. Tick is super vulnerable to the other Tick’s Super.

Remember to dodge the other Tick’s mines while making your shots. As long as you have your Super first, you will win the fight.

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