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Blockbuster smash hit Sifu launches for Xbox and PC(Steam) on March 28

Sifu launches with the “Arena” update and add 10hrs of gameplay.

The free “Arenas” upgrade and the debut of Sifu for Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC via Steam are scheduled on March 28. Preorders for the Microsoft Store are currently open.

Here is an overview of the update and game:

With nine new locations and 45 merciless challenges spread over five game modes, the Arenas expansion is packing up to 10 extra hours of gameplay into the already demanding title. Masters of kung fu will be pushed to their limits as waves of enemies crash upon them in Survival mode or pushed to perfection in Performance mode. With Time Attack, players can also battle against the clock on a path filled with enemies. Sifus looking for a twist on the game’s impactful combat can also try the new Capture mode—where players must take and hold a marked area—or Manhunt mode, where a specific target surrounded by protectors must be taken down.

Regardless of how you choose to kung-fu, you’ll be dismantling your enemies across varied, beautiful scenes. From effervescent, colourful voids to rain-drenched alleys, your enemies await, ready to be taken down with speed and ferocity.

A beat ’em-up tale of vengeance, Sifu places players in the shoes of a young Pak Mei kung-fu student who, following the murder of their master, embarks on an epic quest for revenge. Fueled by years of training that has turned them into an unstoppable force, players will hunt down the terrifying warriors who slaughtered their master years ago, as well as the countless goons guarding them. But revenge comes at a price, exacted through defeat and the power of a mystical talisman. With every failure, players will rise again, older and wiser, though with fewer years to spare than before. What is vengeance worth to you?

Following its debut on PlayStation consoles and PC in February 2022, Sifu was hailed as one of last year’s best action / beat ’em up titles, surpassing more than one million copies sold in its first three weeks and garnering critical acclaim. Sloclap’s support of Sifu has been extensive, with numerous updates having launched throughout 2022 that added difficulty modes, a long list of exciting gameplay modifiers, new outfits, and more. All updated content added to Sifu to date will be available in the game’s new versions.

Sifu is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Epic Games Store.


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