Rocket League free-to-play launches September 23

Cross-platform progression and more.

Rocket League

Rocket League will shift from a paid to free-to-play model on September 23 at 8:00 a.m. PT / 11:00 a.m. ET, developer Psyonix Studios announced.

The free-to-play Rocket League will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via the Epic Games Store. Existing owners on Steam will be able to continue to keep playing, as well as receive all future updates, but Rocket League will no longer be available to new players.

Here is an overview of free-to-play, via Psyonix Studios:

What’s in this update?

  • Cross-Platform Progression – You’ll be able to link your platforms to your Epic Games Account starting tomorrow for existing players! For all the details on cross-platform progression, check out last month’s blog.
  • Legacy Status and Items – For those who already own Rocket League and are eligible for Legacy Status, the items that were revealed in July (Golden Cosmos Boost, “Est. 20XX” Player Banner, Rocket League-branded DLC, etc.) will hit your inventories with tomorrow’s update.
  • Support-A-Creator – In addition to joining the Epic Games Store, Rocket League will also be joining Epic’s Support-A-Creator program. You can choose to support a Creator of your choice in-game by entering the Creator’s code in the Item Shop, beginning tomorrow with the game update. For Rocket League, accepted Creators will earn 5 percent of Credits spent while using their Creator Code. Codes for Creators currently in the program will work in Rocket League starting tomorrow. There are many of your favorite Rocket League creators already part of the system and more will be added in the near future. If you’re interested in becoming a Creator, go to the Epic Support-A-Creator page for more information.
  • Miscellaneous
    • New Quick Chats
    • Heatseeker in Private Matches
    • Larger item pool for Trade Ups
    • Solo Standard removed
    • New Bot difficulty
    • New Merc Hitbox
    • Rocket League X Monstercat Remixes
    • Updated Menu
    • Changes to Achievements

What’s coming with the launch of free-to-play?

  • Launch on Epic Games Store – September 23 is also the day you’ll find Rocket League available for download on its newest home: the Epic Games Store! You can visit the Rocket League page now, and add the game to your wishlist so you’re notified as soon as it’s available. If you add Rocket League to your library between September 23 and October 23 you will receive a $10 EGS coupon that is redeemable on games and add-ons $14.99 and up. Plus, once you download and launch the game, you’ll instantly get two new items in your inventory: Sun Ray Boost and Hot Rocks Trail!
  • Season 1 – Take your shot at climbing the Ranks, and tiering up your Rocket Pass in Season 1. Stay tuned for more info on Season 1 later this week!
  • Competitive Tournaments – Competitive Tournaments will be live and ready to join on launch day. Check out our deep dive blog post on this revamped tournament feature for all the details.
  • Game-Wide Challenges – New Game-Wide Challenges arrive on launch day. Get ready to complete challenges for XP and items!
  • Endo Starter Pack and Jager Pack – Two new item packs will be available with some siiiick items for new and veteran players. Both packs will be available in the Bundles tab of the Item Shop. Here’s what’s in each:
    • Endo Starter Pack
      • Endo
      • Gaiden Wheels (Grey)
      • Neo-Thermal Boost
      • Friction Trail
      • 500 Credits
    • Jager Pack
      • Jager 619 (Titanium White)
      • Apparatus Wheels (Titanium White)
      • Toon Goal Explosion (Titanium White)
      • 1000 Credits

Watch a new cinematic trailer below.


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