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New R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos adds Xbox Series version

R-Type Tactics I • II finally comes to Xbox Series


R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos will be available for Xbox Series alongside its previously announced PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC (SteamEpic Games Store) versions, developer Granzella announced.

“We are pleased to announce that we have added Xbox Series X / S to the supported platforms for R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos as requested by a number of our backers,” Granzella said in an update to its R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos Additional Content Production Kickstarter campaign. “We apologize for taking long to make the decision.”

Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese have also been added to the game’s supported languages.

“You can now select the Xbox Series X/S as your preferred platform for the following rewards during the rewards shipping phase”

  • 01. Voucher code for backer-exclusive additional content
  • 04. Exclusive content for use in “R-Type Final 2 / 3”
  • 05. Backer-exclusive R Craft for use in “R-Type Final 2 / 3”
  • 05B. Digital Reward Pack (* Without original merchandise)
  • 10. In-game logo placement (Basic plan) *For individuals or corporations
  • 11. In-game logo placement (Special plan) *For individuals or corporations

* Please note “10.” and “11.” are only available in the Japan region.

We would appreciate your continued support.

Here is an overview of the game, via western publisher NIS America:


As the Bydo continue to eliminate humanity, you must outsmart and outmanoeuvre them if the Space Corps has any hope of victory. That is, until you find yourself fighting alongside the very forces you were tasked with destroying…

R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos combines the side-scrolling, shoot ’em up action the series is known for with tactical, turn-based strategy gameplay for a one-of-a-kind R-Type experience! Remade in Unreal Engine 5, this two-game collection blasts its way onto Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC, with R-Type Tactics II also making its debut in the west for the first time! Deploy your forces across multiple campaigns, playing as both the Space Corps and the Bydo.

You can also set your sights on competitive online play to see who the ultimate tactician really is. With hundreds of ships and levels to choose from between both games, along with branching missions and a new third campaign (all exclusive to R-Type Tactics II), R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos is packed with out-of-this-world content!

Key Features

  • New Frontiers – With the debut of R-Type Tactics II in the west, both titles make their way from the PSP to modern consoles for the first time!
  • Whose Side Are You On? – Multiple campaigns for each faction, as well as branching storylines in R-Type Tactics II, allow for a unique gameplay experience across both titles while fleshing out the world of R-Type and the origins of the sinister Bydo Empire.
  • Destroy the Competition – Face off against other players online in both R-Type Tactics I and R-Type Tactics II!
  • An Unreal Makeover – Both titles have been remade using Unreal Engine 5, creating a collection that’s both strategically engaging and visually enthralling!


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