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Nintendo revives old IPs Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp for Switch

Turn-based combat game launches on December 3.

Just like Famicom detective club, video games publisher Nintendo is looking to bring back old IPs on the switch with its announcements of Adavnce Wars 1+2 Re Boot Camp A remake of the first two games the series.

Here some details by,

Rally the Troops! Advance Wars is Marching to Nintendo Switch

Command an army in strategic, turn-based combat as a tactical adviser for the Orange Star Army. Your expertise is needed as you move land, air, and naval units across the battlefield. Take down enemy squads and capture towns and bases to secure victory and keep the peace. Keep an eye on the game-changing terrain and weather as you lead a variety of units across multiple maps. This remake features two campaigns that cover the events of Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising!

Fight Alongside Capable Commanding Officers

Defend your land with the help of Andy, Max, Sami, and other Commanding Officers, each with their own specialties and CO Powers. Andy can repair units, while Sami can boost the abilities of troops. Your opponents can use CO abilities of their own too! Throughout both campaigns, the COs you meet play a critical role both on the battlefield and in the story.

Recruit Some Friends and See Who the Superior Strategist Is

When you aren’t busy keeping the peace in one of the two campaign stories, flex your army-commanding chops in Versus Mode**. Up to four players can battle on dozens of maps. Each player chooses a CO from either campaign and can strategically use their CO Powers to turn the tides of battle. Customize your combat with options like funds per allied base and fog of war.

Here us the reveal trailer,

What do you think? It’s good to see the big N bring back some of its old IPs like F-Zero, Stat Fox, Punch-Out, and more. Totally forgot about Golden Sun. What IPs would like to see come back. Leave your comments below and always stay safe.

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