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Max is a mythic brawler and everything about her is speed. And here’s a look at her profile picture and as you can tell her moves are super fast and super slick and the only time that she slows down and take a break is after a defeat in battle. She’s built for aerodynamics and she stores a can of energy drink on her back that she can drink whenever she wants to speed things up.



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Max’s blaster shoots a bunch of projectiles fast! It holds a lot of rounds, and Max is quick with the reload.

And of course, let’s take a look at her personality. For her attack, Max shoots out four quick energy blasts that don’t do a whole lot of damage by themselves however she has four attack slots available and her unload and reload speeds are super fast. So theoretically she should be able to deal a lot of damage over a period of time. Now her aiming reticle is shaped like a narrow cone but it’s actually some more similar to 8-bits attack kind of at a shorter range.



Max in Brawl Stars | Brawlers on Star List

Max momentarily boosts up her movement speed and that of nearby allies. Gotta go fast!

For her Super, Max whips out an energy drink which boosts her own speed and the speed of friendly brawlers who were close to her whenever she activates it.

This is a 34 percent speed boost which is very fast now if you want to know exactly how fast make sure you read the rest of this article to find out the results just might surprise you.



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First-star power, Max’s first-star power is supercharged. Max now charges her super while moving, it works if she’s moving in a straight line and it works just as fast as she’s spinning in a circle. Welcome to the newest spinning brawler guys and it charges even faster if her movement speed is boosted by her super. And in brawl talk, she had a charging bar but they actually improved it to be more consistent. This is actually very similar to Daryl’s supercharge up mechanic where it automatically charges. Now Darryl actually charges an entire super in 30 seconds and Max actually turned his hers in 32 seconds so it’s basically the same.


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Second star power, when Max is using her run-and-gun star power, she reloads faster while moving once again this works but what she’s spinning or just moving in a straight line. It is a 35 percent boost to Max’s reload speed when she’s moving and it’s a 43% speed boost to her reload speed if she’s moving while using her super has a ridiculously fast reload speed.


Now that we know how max works we’re gonna put her in a bunch of tests that are designed to see how she compares to all other brawlers in various aspects of the game.

We’ll start out with the test that she does the worst in and then move our way up to her best tests where she really thrives I almost said where she really hives but this isn’t Bea’s article. Make sure you read that if you haven’t already!


The dive test is a combination of health speed and damage to see how good a brawler is at facing a team bursting them down. Or obviously to see how much damage a brawler can do to the target if they need to finish it off very quickly. Max has speed on her side but that is the only thing that she has and before dying she’s able to deal 3114 damage which places her in 29th for this competition. Unfortunately, Max really struggles under high-pressure situations.


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Now, this test compares brawlers to see how good they are at dealing with multiple targets. It’s a really hard test to do max with because she has to keep moving in order to speed up her reload speed, she has to also balance that with her star power or her super and because I made a few mistakes, I actually gave for a few seconds lead on this test. Even with that Max takes 24 seconds to finish the test which places her in 28 out of 32 brawlers. That is really not very good and Max is not very good at handling multiple targets.


The assassin test, now this test compares how good brawlers are taking out an enemy in as little time as possible. Typically brawlers are limited in this test by how many ammo slots they have available but using her run and gun star power paired with her super she’s able to unload 5 complete shots and part of a sixth shot within the three seconds that she’s allowed to deal damage to the target in total she’s able to deal 7958 damage. Which places her in 26th place out of the 32 brawlers, now most brawlers are able to deal a lot more because they can use their supers for this test and while Max’s super does definitely help with her reload speed it doesn’t do any damage which puts Max out of this. I actually think that Max will be a pretty bad assassin regardless because although she’s gonna have her shots available whenever she needs them protectively.

She doesn’t quickly kill unless the enemy is out of ammo whether they have really low HP. She’s more of a medium-range runner who can actually chase down weakened targets while dodging shots.


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The range test, when put up against the ruler, Max has a range of eight tiles with her regular attack which is the 18th longest range in the game by the way that’s right in the middle of the brawler’s so for reference this actually means that she has the same range as Carl and Tara. It also means that she has a slightly shorter range than Crow and a slightly longer range than Shelly. Her super doesn’t help her much for this test either it looks like as a range of 3 and 2/3 tiles. But after testing it, the effectiveness of her super is 1/3 of a tile shorter than it actually looks and when compared to all super attacks she takes 25th for the total range test. Which is not very impressive. With that said though what Max is lacking in range, she makes up for her ability to dodge shots.


Max in Brawl Stars | Brawlers on Star List

The attack test, now in this test we compare how much damage Max can do with a single attack to all other brawlers in the game. With one attack she deals a total of 1384 damage which puts her in 25th place now for reference that’s right between gene without his spirit slap star power and crows attack without the poison. However, this test is a bit unfair for Max because while most brawlers have three ammo she actually has a fourth. So the boss test later in the video is gonna be a better way to determine how she does consistently.


The survival test. Max has 4.9k HP at max level. Which I know doesn’t sound very exciting but it actually means her 1v1 interactions are very different than any of the brawlers.  With most of the brawlers in the game, she’s most comparable to Gene and Shelly at 5040 health but she only lasts twelve point five seconds against the sniper bot which places her in 20th place for the survival test.

I should mention that Max’s ability to dodge shots is not accounted for in this test which actually means that she has higher survivability than this test would suggest. Even then though Max really doesn’t have a whole lot of HP so you’re gonna have to be careful with her.


The boss test. Now, this test compares brawlers to see how good they are at long-term DPS. Using her run and gun star power, repeated supers and a lot of spinning to reload her shots faster Max is able to take out the boss in 68.8 seconds, which puts her in 18th place for the boss test. Now for reference, this is slightly worse than Jessie and slightly better than Pam. It’s very average and I think that Max is going to be very average when it comes to dealing consistent damage even when you factor in her star power and fast reload speed into the mix.


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The supercharge test. Now max requires 16 projectiles in order for her to charge her super. Which means four complete attacks with or without her supercharged star power. She’s able to complete this in 1.7 seconds which is very similar to Emz’s. Now one interesting thing to know is that assuming you actually hit your shots max actually charges her super faster with her run-and-gun star power than with her supercharged star power. Like I said though that is assuming you’re hitting all of your shots consistently and you’re moving around like crazy, you know reload her shots faster.

However, my guess is that if your goal is actually like speed for a mode like a brawl ball maybe even heist, Max will be better off with her supercharged star power.


Max | Brawlers: Mythic | Brawl Stars News & Strategies

The race test. Now in this test brawlers are allowed their super, their star powers, and their movement speed to see how quickly they can cover an entire length of the map. This is an important factor for modes like brawl ball or heist were covering distance really makes a big difference. Max has an above-average movement speed without her super which actually ties her for the fastest walking speed along with Crow, Leon, and Mortis but her super gives her a ridiculously fast running speed for five seconds she ends up taking fifth place for this test.

And as you can see she’s actually slightly faster than Bull with his super and slightly slower than Rico with his Robo retreat star power.


The reload test. Now, this test compares how often brawlers will have their shots available whenever they need it by seeing how long it takes them to unload and reload ten shots. When not using her run and gun star power max finishes this test in 17.2 seconds which is the seventh fastest time out of all of the brawlers. This is very similar to Crow and Rosa’s reload speed which you guys know is very fast. But when using her run and gun star power she finishes it in eleven point two seconds which is the second fastest time. Just barely faster than bees reload speed. However guys that’s not even the fastest that Max can complete this challenge. When using her run and gun star power while supering and spinning super crazy fast, a further increase her reload speed.

She finishes this test in nine point seven five seconds it’s still not enough for her to beat Carl. But let’s be honest guys Carl rarely reloads at that speed in battle either way. So even though Max is technically second in this challenge she is first in my heart as the fastest shooter in the game. Basically she can spam her shots whenever she wants.


Max | Brawlers: Mythic | Brawl Stars News & Strategies

The sprint test. Normally we would show the super test but Max’s super doesn’t deal damage at all so I came up with the sprint test to compare how fast brawlers can move when they’re running. The starting point is the left end of a gem grab map and the finishing line is the right end of the same map. It’s a mad dash to see which brawlers have the fastest movement speed and brawlers can use star powers to speed them up. They can use supers but they cannot use charges, jumps, dashes, or anything else that you cannot control with your movement joystick.

First up is Bibi with her home run star power. Clearly Max is the superior sprinter and wins with ease now next up is El Primo with meteor rush he is fast but Max is actually 15 percent faster than el Primo.

Now Robo retreats Rico gives his best to try and top max and typically he would win because he can go so fast for such a long period of time but Max ends up beating him when it comes to this short sprint.

Last of all, we’ve got the current champion of the sprint test, smoke trails Leon. Leon and Max actually have the same base movement speed but smoke trails boost Leon’s movement speed by 24% if you’ve been paying attention in this article you already know who’s going to win. It’s pretty close but as you can see Max ends up taking the victory improves her dominance as the fastest sprinter in the game. With her super, she has an impressive movement speed of 3 and 2/3 tiles per second. Interestingly enough in the race test, Leon and Max end up tying for fifth place.

Max’s super makes her go faster than Leon’s smoke trail start power does, but Leon’s invisibility lasts for two seconds longer and it all evens out by the end of the race. Also in case you’re curious Max’s sprint speed is almost two times faster than 8bits walking speed.


Now after limited play testing with Max I’m gonna quickly rank her in all of the modes.


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In my opinion, she’s gonna be effed here in Bounty because she has low DPS and short-range.


I think she’s gonna be B Tier in Siege because she offers very little control and doesn’t really deal very much damage to the boss or the Ike turret. However, I do think that she’s gonna be playable on some maps where she can act as a bolt runner where she literally just runs to pick up bolts as quickly as she can and then lets her teammates steal damage to the Ike turret.


I think she’s gonna be B tier in both solo and duo showdown. I think she’s gonna do an okay job at surviving because she can dodge shots so well. She may even be a bit slightly better in duo showdown because she can speed boost a teammate when it really counts but kind of a niche option.


I don’t think that she’s going to be amazing but I think she’ll be playable for the heist. I think she’ll be viable only because of her ability to boost teammates running speed to the safe definitely not the most competitive option though.


Once again B tier in gem grab. She might be good on some maps as an anti thrower brawler who can actually like dodge shots really well but that’s about it. Maybe she can speed up to pick up gems.


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For brawl ball, I actually think it’s gonna be one of her better modes. yeah, I’m going A Tier here. Okay, speed is very important which she has, also she has a fast reload speed which means that kicking the ball won’t really matter to her very much. Her speed boost will also be incredibly helpful with getting the ball to the goal of helping a teammate get there.

Seriously though like just think of like a bull running as fast as she can to bring it to the goal like it is really really solid.

I think Max is gonna be slightly on the weak side of things when she’s first released but she’s going to be so much fun and she’s probably going to have a very high skill cap which is very exciting to the game.

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