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Global Game Jam 2021 has officially started all over the world.

taking place from 27th Jan.- 31 Jan. 2021.

What is Game Jam? Is a contest where participants try to make a video game from scratch. Depending on the format, participants might work independently, or in teams.

The contest duration usually ranges from 24 to 72 hours. Participants are generally programmers, game designers, artists, writers, and others in game development-related fields.
Some game jams are local events, taking place in universities, conference halls, or other private spaces but this year many participants will be looking at The Ludum Dare which is an example of a virtual game jam, an event where participants largely remain at home but present their efforts at the conclusion of the jam due to the whole world being in a pandemic because of the Covid 19.
A game jam may be centered on a theme, which all games developed within the jam must adhere to and this year’s theme is LOST AND FOUND.

In a video game jam, the technology the programmers work in a development environment such as Microsoft Visual Studio for development in a .NET Framework application or Eclipse for a Java-based application. An artist may use tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Blender 3D, or Autodesk Maya. Other tools used by developers include videogame frameworks such as the Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Unity, Godot, and Microsoft XNA Framework. If in a team, developers might use communication services such as Discord, and source control services such as GitHub.

With all these looking forward to what video games and concept the teams create and hopefully some of these games come out on the independent scene.

We will keep you updated as the Jam goes on. Leave you comment below and what are you hoping to see.

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