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GGC Call Of Duty “The Battlefield” Shoots off today

The long-awaited event starts today. It was announced in June and many Call of duty teams were eagerly waiting for the opportunity to defeat the reigning Champions: Black Mafia. The event is set up in a way 6 teams will battle it out to see who is gonna come out on top. Speaking to GGN, the CEO of GGC, Yuba hopes this event sheds more light on other games that are very active in the Ghana gaming community. He hopes he can gain the support of the gamers which will, in turn, help me create more tournaments around other games. There has been backlash from the gaming community that almost every tournament these days are only FIFA-focused and as a result, many gamers are opting out of tournaments. It’s great to see game organizations seeing this and trying to fix it. Here are a few details on the event.

Location: Electroland Ghana limited (Spintex Branch)



GGC will also be streaming the tournament on their youtube channel and all other video sharing platforms you can watch live here:

GGC on Youtube:

Also follow them on all their various social media:




We wish all the teams good luck and anticipating who the champions will be.

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