Do Ghanaian Gamers Buy Games? Let’s find out…

The Age old question that puzzles many Ghanaian Gamers

Ghanaian Gamers

The video gaming industry is worth billions of dollars and is enjoyed by people all over the world. Ghana is no exception, with a thriving gaming community that enjoys both local and international games.

However, there is one big problem Ghanaian gamers face: the cost of buying video games.

(The cost of a triple-A game is between $59.99 – 69.99)

In recent years, however, there has been a decrease in the piracy of games. This is due to the rise of online multiplayer games, which require an internet connection to play. Also, with the sudden surge of free-to-play games, Ghanaians are finding more “reasons” not to pirate and more systems are being set up to battle piracy to the fullest. Some Ghanaians can afford access to the internet even though “good” internet speed remains something to be desired. However, they are also glad they can get it nonetheless.

The gaming community in Ghana

The Ghanaian gaming community is growing rapidly, with more and more people enjoying video games. From the old to the young and from the rich to the poor, however, the high cost of games is still a major problem.

Due to the high dollar rate in Ghana, video games are extremely expensive. This is coupled with the fact that many Ghanaians can’t afford to pay for a stable internet connection. Also, most game developers and gaming companies don’t include Africa in their demographic plans. (looking at you…Google stadia)

There are a few local game developers in Ghana, but they are struggling to compete with the big international companies. The lack of funds means that they can’t afford to promote their games properly or to make them as high quality as the international games.

Do Ghanaian gamers buy games?

The answer is yes, but not as often as they would like to. The high cost of games is a major barrier to entry for many Ghanaian gamers.

However, there are a few factors that Ghanaian gamers consider when deciding whether or not to buy a game. These include:

– The price of the game

– Whether or not the game has a pirated version

– The quality of the game

– The Size of the Game.

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As mentioned before, the high cost of games is a major barrier to entry for many gamers.

If a game is too expensive, many gamers will either wait for it to go on sale, or they will pirate it. Another factor that affects purchasing decisions is whether or not the game is available pirated. If a game is available pirated, then there is no incentive for the gamer to buy it.

The quality of the game is also an important factor. Many gamers are reluctant to buy games that are low quality or buggy.

(Passionate Gamers at iSpace Hub)

The Data Size of the game is a big deal for Gamers as the prices of the internet data packages are steep. Ghanaian Gamers are very cautious when they are trying to buy a game and tend to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing and downloading the game.

In Conclusion, Ghanaians are gradually doing better at buying games now than in the past. As time marches forward, we would see more and more people jumping on the idea of buying games even though the system doesn’t look too favourable. After all Ghanaian/African gamers are also very passionate about playing games.

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