CyberConnect2 to announce new game next month


The hit makers, CyberConnect2 are planning to announce another game and got fans excited

CyberConnect2 will announce a new game in February, which is planned for release around summer, company president and CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama said during his “Piro-Live! New Year’s Eve Special 2022” live stream.

According to Matsuyama, the new title to be announced will definitely get people talking and promises to be something that will shake the world.

In the same live stream, Matsuyama also shared sales numbers for several recent CyberConnect2 titles:

Finally, Matsuyama said that the company is planning measures for the 20th anniversary of the .hack series in June and that a Chaser Game TV drama is currently in the works with sights set on a fall 2023 air date.

Watch the Japanse Stream here:

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