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Anthem ‘long-term redesign’ in development


BioWare will rework the core gameplay experience of Anthem in a “longer-term redesign” compared to the updates and expansion released over the past year, game director Casey Hudson announced in a BioWare Blog post.

“Over the last year, the team has worked hard to improve stability, performance and general quality of life while delivering three seasons of new content and features,” Hudson said. “We have also heard your feedback that Anthem needs a more satisfying loot experience, better long-term progression and a more fulfilling end game. So we recognize that there’s still more fundamental work to be done to bring out the full potential of the experience, and it will require a more substantial reinvention than an update or expansion.”

Hudson continued, “Over the coming months we will be focusing on a longer-term redesign of the experience, specifically working to reinvent the core gameplay loop with clear goals, motivating challenges, and progression with meaningful rewards—while preserving the fun of flying and fighting in a vast science-fantasy setting. And to do that properly we’ll be doing something we’d like to have done more of the first time around—giving a focused team the time to test and iterate, focusing on gameplay first.”

The current version of Anthem will continue to runin the meantime, but move away from full seasons as the development team works on the new version. Events, store refreshes, and revisits of past seasonal and catacylsm content will continue towards the end of the month.

Anthem is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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