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A limited-time demo of Monster Hunter Rise launches today; ‘Wyvern Riding’ trailer and the latest details.

Use your Wirebug to bind and control monsters.

The limited-time demo for Monster Hunter Rise is will launch today for Switch via the Nintendo eshop, Capcom announced during its Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event. It will only be available until February 1 at 12:00am. (The demo is now available now.)

Capcom also shared the following new details:

■ Frost Islands: Locale

We just showed off the Frost Islands. This used to be a nest of huge dragons a long time ago, and it is said many heroes came here to try and slay them to no avail. It has kind of a creepy atmosphere. There’s a large variety of endemic life in each locale. They can help you out in various ways, so make sure to use them on your hunts.

■ Frost Islands: Monsters

Let’s have a look at the monsters that live here.

  • Goss Harag – One of the new monsters. Goss Harag is a creature that lives in icy regions, roaming the snowy fields for prey. It’s a Fanged Beast that attacks hunters using blades of ice that it creates with its own breath.
  • Barioth – A Flying Wyvern. It is a fearsome monster with huge fangs and sharp spikes. The spikes on its front paws and tail are actually scale that it uses to freely move around on icy surfaces.
  • Khezu – A Flying Wyvern. This is a creepy monster that mainly lives in dark places, like caves. Be careful of the electricity it releases from its body, and its long twisty next.
  • Great Baggi – A Bird Wyvern. It is characterized by its blue-white skin color and the large protruding crest on its head. It catches prey by dousing them with a fluid that knocks them unconscious, so you’ll need to protect yourself against the sleep status affect.
  • Lagombi – A Fanged Beast. It uses its belly to glide around the snow like a sled, so you’ll need to be quick on your toes to deal with it.
  • Tigrex – A Flying Wyvern. This is an extremely aggressive monster that uses its well-developed limbs to rush at its prey, dealing heavy damage with its claws and jaw.

■ Monsters (Other Locales)

Let’s look at some monsters from other locales.

  • Mizutsune – The Leviathan Mizutsune is a very uniquely evolved creature. It secretes a special fluid that it can turn into bubbles by rubbing it against its body hair. These bubbles will greatly hinder your movement.
  • Magnamalo – The flagship monster of this game. Magnamalo’s body is enveloped by a carapace hard as armor and it attacks hunter with its tail and a type of gas that looks like hellfire.

■ Wyvern Riding

Once you’ve met the unlock requirements, you’ll be able to use your Wirebug to bind monsters to use a feature called Wyvern Riding.

This lets you use Ironsilk to control wild monsters. You can even use this to make a monster attack other monsters.

■ Characters

Now let’s have a look at your base, where you’ll get to meet a bunch of colorful characters who will help make your hunting life a lot more interesting.

  • Fugen – The village elder. He is deeply trusted and respected by the villagers, and he’s a certified long sword wielder as well.
  • Hinoa and Minoto – These are the Village Quest and Hub Quest maidens. They are Wyverian twins, beloved throughout the village. Their songs bring peace to the villagers’ hearts, and Minoto has even taken up painting recently.
  • Yomogi – A cheerful yung girl who runs the locale tea shop.
  • Hojo – The Guild Master, oldest man in the village, and manager of all things quest-related. He draws up all of the quest notices that go up on the quest board.
  • Master Utsushi – Leader of the hunters in the village.
  • Iori – The Buddy Handler. He is a kind and pure-hearted young boy who loves animals.
  • Kogarashi – The Felyne Chief. He’s in charge of deploying the Meowcenearies.
  • Rondine – The Trader. She came on a ship from a faraway country to make trade with the village.

Your base contains some facilities to make your hunting life more interesting.

At the training area, you can try out weapon actions by attacking a variety of objects. You can even change the behavior of some of these objects.

With the help of all the villagers, you’ll have to take on the Rampage. We’ll have more to share on the Rampage in the future.

■ Limited-Time Demo

The demo has four quest types available: a Beginner Quest, an Intermediate Quest, a Basic Training Quest, and a Wyvern Riding Training Quest, which will help you get used to the new Wyvern Riding feature. Of course, all 14 weapon types are playable.

The Beginner Quest and Intermediate Quest can of course be played solo, but they are also available in local co-op and online co-op.

In this demo, you’ll get to explore the Shrine Ruins. This is a great locale for learning about the Wirebug and the new stat-boosting endemic life featured in this game.

The Beginner Quest features Great Izuchi, while the Intermediate Quest has you take on Mizutsune, which we revealed today. Of course, you’ll be able to take a Palamute and / or Palico with you, so you can experience riding a Canyne and receiving various kinds of support from your Buddies.

The Basic Training Quest will teach you how to use the Wirebug, and the Wyvern Riding Training Quest will let you try out the new Wyvern Riding feature. Wyvern Riding is a new system that allows you to control monsters for a while, by dealing enough damage through aerial attacks or Silkbind attacks using the Wirebug, or by using turf wars or endemic life to your advantage. While controlling wild monsters, you can move around and attack, and you can even slam them into walls, so this is definitely something you’ll want to check out.

Monster Hunter Rise is due out for Switch on March 26 worldwide.

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