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New Counter-Strike 2 announced for PC

Counter-Strike 2, is a surprise announcement from Valve Counter-Strike 2 for PC has been announced by Valve. This summer, it.

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Exciting Cooking Game Venba, adds PS5, Xbox Series versions

Venba Xbox One versions are delayed. This summer, developer Visai Games will release the narrative culinary game Venba on PlayStation.

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New Persona 5: The Phantom X announced for mobile

a complete Persona 5 game for portable devices. Persona 5: The Phantom X for iOS and Android has been formally.

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From FIFA to MOBA: An exciting journey Through Ghana’s Gaming Communities

A Deep Dive into the Passion, Diversity, and Influence of Ghana’s Gaming Communities Gaming has become popular in Ghana, with.

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Hunt the Night launches on April 13 for PC and other systems later

Hunt the Night is a fantasy action role-playing game with a retro aesthetic. Publisher DANGEN Entertainment and creator Moonlight Games.

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From 0 to Hero: The Sudden Rise of Ghana’s Esports Industry

Exploring the Boom in Esports Across Ghana We say sudden but not exactly so however Ghana is currently experiencing a.

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Blockbuster smash hit Sifu launches for Xbox and PC(Steam) on March 28

Sifu launches with the “Arena” update and add 10hrs of gameplay. The free “Arenas” upgrade and the debut of Sifu.

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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2’s Greatest Weapons (2023)

The upcoming release of Season 2: Heavy Metal includes a number of weapon balancing tweaks intended to shake up the.

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The New Diablo IV open beta test is scheduled for March 24–26.

Diablo IV early access is available to users who pre-order the game from March 17 to 19 From March 24.

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Pokemon GO Discount Coupons (February 2023)

Complimentary cosmetics, items, Poké Balls and Discount codes The simplest way to receive free gifts and improve oneself is by.

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